Veggie Basil Egg Muffins


For the past two days I’ve been travelling in the Minas Gerais region in the Center-South of Brazil as part of the field research for the paper I am writing on the inclusion of Brazilian smallholders in food chains. Minas Gerais is such a lovely region and it was the third time I was there to interview Brazilian milk producers. Aside for making some of the best cheese and coffee in Brazil, it’s also known for having some very very fine meat, so naturally every time I go to there, I have a grilled meat party going on in my plate. My research is soon coming to an end and I will definitely miss these trips to the field. One of my favorite parts of these trips are the long car drives to reach the farms where I get the occasion to study the Brazilian countryside, its agriculture and the people I see on the side of the road. Minas Gerais has these amazing earth roads that look like canvasses of bright red and orange dust, because the soil is so rich in iron and copper. I always feel much more in touch with the country on these trips than when I’m dragging my little foreign self in the monster that is São Paulo.  Continue reading

Cinnamon Raisin Bread Rolls


I’m travelling back to France today for one month, which is very exciting since I haven’t been home for almost a year since I came to Brazil in August 2012. I’m prepared for a few slips in the food department, some gluten here and there (how can I possibly avoid French bread?), more dairy than I’ve been eating lately (god how I’ve missed Brie), more wine, more sweets – it definitely won’t be a Paleo friendly month all the time – but heck, it’s vacation and it’s France. However, having said that, if I’m going to slip and make exceptions, it better be for things that are stinking worth it. Hence, delicious French pastry yes, bad airplane food no. I generally don’t feel at my best when I’m travelling, tummy-wise, so I want to avoid eating things that would make it worse. So I got a little busy in the kitchen yesterday to make some travel-friendly, gluten-free food, including these little bread rolls which I’m very excited to share. Continue reading