‘Tigrillo’ Ecuadorian Plantain, Cheese & Egg Scramble

'Tigrillo' Ecuadorian Plantain, Cheese and Egg Scramble by My Little Jar of Spices

It’s Sunday night and I’m currently listening to a good old American country song by the very, very, very smoochable Luke Bryan that goes “It’s homemade peach ice cream on sunburnt lips, that’s what country is”. I just thought I’d share the wise word with all of you, I mean I’m sure you too were wondering what country music was. Ladies, seriously, click on the link above. Anywho, on to this recipe. Continue reading

Curried Squash and Bacon Pancakes


I love breakfast, nay, I worship breakfast time. In my family we always took the time to eat breakfast in the morning, even if that meant getting up earlier than most people would before heading off to work or school. I’ve never been a breakfast-on-the-go kind of person. What’s the pleasure in eating a cold muffin walking down the street while balancing a to-go cup of coffee in the other hand, all the while crumbs are sticking to your face and falling all over your clothes, your cellphone rings, you go in your bag to reach for it and in that fateful moment, you DROP your sad excuse for a breakfast on the sidewalk… I won’t venture to guess whether you crawl to your knees to pick it up or not, what happens after that is between every man and his conscience. Either way, no thanks. And I never understood people who never ate breakfast. Why skip that blissful moment when you’re still waking up, birds are chirping outside (or rain is pouring – does it matter what’s happening outside?), you’re sipping on a warm cup of coffee and you sit down to a plate of hearty morning goodness. Yes please! Continue reading

Veggie Basil Egg Muffins


For the past two days I’ve been travelling in the Minas Gerais region in the Center-South of Brazil as part of the field research for the paper I am writing on the inclusion of Brazilian smallholders in food chains. Minas Gerais is such a lovely region and it was the third time I was there to interview Brazilian milk producers. Aside for making some of the best cheese and coffee in Brazil, it’s also known for having some very very fine meat, so naturally every time I go to there, I have a grilled meat party going on in my plate. My research is soon coming to an end and I will definitely miss these trips to the field. One of my favorite parts of these trips are the long car drives to reach the farms where I get the occasion to study the Brazilian countryside, its agriculture and the people I see on the side of the road. Minas Gerais has these amazing earth roads that look like canvasses of bright red and orange dust, because the soil is so rich in iron and copper. I always feel much more in touch with the country on these trips than when I’m dragging my little foreign self in the monster that is São Paulo.  Continue reading

Caramelized Onion, Squash and Sausage Hash

Last Saturday, I spent most of the afternoon home alone. Everyone was either at work or travelling, and I realized I had nothing specific to do, which was, for once, not a problem given how hectic my schedule has been these past few weeks. Generally on weekends, our kitchen looks like a restaurant battlefield, with everyone brunching at the peak of midday, scrambling eggs, preparing salads, blending some type of sophisticated shake, toasting bread, cutting up fruit and cheese and squeezing every tiny inch of counter space, our elbows bumping each other over the stove and the floor looking like someone carried out a scientific bread-crumb-explosion experiment on it. Oh man, empty kitchen + me having nothing to do = a combination that couldn’t possibly lead to anything sane, however tasty the final product.

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Eggs poached in sautéed greens with pancetta

Eggs poached in greens 9

This has been my go-to breakfast on many days since I decided to cut my lovely albeit gluten-full granola out of my breakfast ritual and still haven’t had time to learn to make my own version of gluten-free granola (but I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I’ve gotten around to doing that). On days when I miss cereal, I make a snazzy nut and chia seed porridge with coconut milk that I also have in my list of recipes to share. On regular days, I have these eggs.

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