Homemade Gluten-free Granola


I have had the challenging yet rather successful experience of keeping with gluten-free eating while travelling this month, and one thing’s for sure, ziplock bags have been a blessing. This granola and I have become good friends through long airplane rides, hours on the road and frustrating stops at gas stations. Continue reading

Triple Nut Butter Bars (gluten-free, grain-free, vegan)

Triple Nut Butter Bars 4

This week has been a slow week, cooking-wise. I missed the farmer’s market on Sunday which ordinarily is a sacred tradition not to be foregone under any circumstances. I haven’t shopped for groceries and have been making most of my meals out of last week’s tomatoes, a couple of zucchinis and a box of eggs. Shameful, I know, but these nut butter bars – which also came together with what I found in the pantry and the fridge – are here to save the day and bring a little glory to this sad gastronomical downfall.  Continue reading

Strawberry Dark Chocolate Fondant Muffins… with a Playlist

Dear friends, Happy Food Revolution Day 2013! Today is Food Revolution Day and I am on a mission to spread Jamie Oliver’s wise word. Jamie Oliver was one of the first chefs to inspire me to actually get into the kitchen and start preparing more meals from scratch. He made it seem so simple and fun, and that’s the way we all want to roll with cooking right? I especially loved how he didn’t bother with the time-consuming process of taking a spoon and fork to gently toss a salad with olive oil, and would go directly into the bowl with his hands all the while saying “look at these lover-ly colors! Just beauuutiful!”. Smart man. Continue reading