Cherry Red Wine Brownies (with a luscious dark chocolate ganache)


C’est le temps des cerises…. aaah, as I continue with my lyrical ramblings on the wonder that is France during the Summertime, let me take a moment to talk about cherries. There are cherries EVERYWHERE. Piles and piles of deep bordeaux-colored cherries on every street corner, all delicately laid out in large fruit stands patiently waiting to be taken home by passersby and baked in cherry pies and clafoutis and jams and be worn around the ears of little girls in their little print dresses. Ok so it’s not exactly like that but let’s say that it is because it’s such a nice picture. Anyways, I bought some cherries, and probably more than I needed (2 pounds, to give you the whole story). Continue reading

Oven-Roasted Spare Ribs with an Apple-Cherry BBQ Sauce


This is going to be a Proust-like moment, where I tell you the story of how I ate something delicious that brought me back to a beautiful childhood memory, but bear with me because that memory is about BBQ spare ribs. I have eaten ribs only once ┬áin my life as a child, and the remembrance of each tender bite is still keen and vivid in my mind. I was 9 and our neighbors invited us for a Summer barbecue at their house. All of a sudden, all the other meats seemed plain to me next to that marvelous finger-licking spare rib, crispy brown and right off the barbecue, where the meat graciously fell of the bone and melted in your mouth. It’s funny how we forget so many things as time goes by but certain memories of seemingly ordinary moments stick around. When I mentioned the memory to my parents a few days ago, they shattered my lyrical surge and revealed that the ribs we had that day had been store-bought and not homemade. Somehow that part had conveniently slipped my mind for the purpose of embellishment. Continue reading