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If you are new to My little jar of spices, I invite you to click through some of my posts and recipes and get to know what this blog is all about. Feel free to message me with questions or comments on the recipes I post on this website, the ingredients I use or the lifestyle that I have embraced towards cleaner eating. Don’t hesitate to just drop a line and say hi, I like that too!

You can send all of that and more to

2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Camille,

    My name is Mariana, and I came across your website, looking for a paleo, grain free porridge for my morning breakfast ideas, which I have been making 5 times so far and really really enjoy, I add figs, lucuma, goji berries to it and it is fabulous!
    I grew up in Lima, Peru, but have travelled all over since abroad since I was in my early twenties, now I live in Venice Beach, California after living in many different cities in the US.
    I am a Chef, and work doing private parties and catering events here in LA.
    Anyway, I am learning more and more about my body and how to create a good balance in my diet to keep it feeling healthy and happy.
    The reason I am introducing myself and reaching out to you, is because my partner, Matthew, is finishing his second masters in Social Work, and Public Policy, and together we are interested on coming back to Peru soon, since my family lives there and me and my brother have future plans of opening a health oriented food business. So I would like to find out about potential Social Organizations that possibly my boyfriend could apply, preferably from the US, and I read you were somehow involve there work wise.

    Please, if you have a time, I would really appreciate if you could let me know or give me a reference! 😉

    Looking forward to hearing back fro you,

    Mariana Carvallo
    Check me out at:

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