Mini Fish Cakes with Spicy Tahini Aioli

Mini Fish Cakes with Spicy Tahini Aioli

Last year, one of my at-the-time roommates who is Jewish invited us to join him in celebrating Rosh Hashannah. I have had my share of Chabbat celebrations but this was a first in celebrating Rosh Hashanah, though I knew a lot about the traditions of this holiday from my grandparents. When I was a child I always anticipated the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippour celebrations in Fall with excitement because, even though we never actually celebrated those holidays with my parents, my grandmother would always send us little individual almond and dried fruit filled breads for each member of the family in a package through the mail.  Even when we lived in the US, she’d Fedex us our little Yom Kippour breads across the Atlantic! We’d have them for breakfast for an entire week and it was the best breakfast of the year. Continue reading

Crunchy, Tangy Slaw with an Orange-Balsamic Vinaigrette

Crunchy Tangy Slaw 2


My roommate and I have this ritual when we’re deciding on something we want to eat, which consists in enumerating all the adjectives we can think of that best describe what we’re in the mood for, each new one outbidding the previous one. Generally these adjectives, which in the spirit of fun often border on saucy, speak for themselves : when we’re talking about making a mouth-watering, juicy, squeezy (“wait what?? that’s not even a food word!”. I know, but this one is our favorites…), plump, marinated, chicken, we’re already mentally tasting it. Kind of like a food foreplay if you will: instead of an appetizer, we like to create salivating mental images. Continue reading

Zucchini Noodles with Grilled Sesame Tofu and Sundried Tomato Pesto (gluten-free, vegan)


This menu idea came to mind when I was walking in the street the other day on my way back from the bank after having spent an hour waiting in line, somewhere between Avenida Paulista and the MASP Museum. I guess Brazilian bank bureaucracy gets my brain waves on a roll like that. I was in search of a good vegan menu idea and had been wanting to make zucchini noodles for a while. Especially since I bought a brand new gadget the other day: a julienne peeler.  Continue reading

Asian-style Chicken-Squash Meatballs with a Sweet & Spicy Kumquat Dipping Sauce


I’ve made these meatballs twice in the past week. The first time, I made regular meatballs as a main course dish for a dinner that my roommate, Lea, and I hosted at our place with about 8 other girlfriends. The second time, I made a mini-meatball version that you could eat using a toothpick, when we hosted a welcome home and happy graduation party for Freddy with about 20 people. Let’s do some quick math: I fed meatballs to about 30 people, rolled 3 kg of ground chicken meat between my hands and made a hundred or so meatballs in less than a week. If the validity of my recipes is based on the experience I have making them, then this one takes the cake (note the little cooking pun right there). Continue reading