Liebster Blog Award

Liebster Award

This post is a little late but real life has been keeping me away from the virtual me these past few weeks and I am only now getting around to answering to the Liebster Award I was attributed by Urban Paleo Chef! Wow, my very own award, I’m really happy UPC thought my blog was one of the 11 deserving blogs of a Liebster Award among all the amazing blogs he follows on WordPress! Urban Paleo Chef is a paleo food blogger who has a very complete approach to all subjects paleo, from posting everyday recipes to discussing how to use certain ingredients, giving workout tips and general life philosophy. I really enjoy reading his posts, he and I share a common love of grub-like scramble-it-and-mix-it-up recipes, especially those that contain sweet potato or squash, some kind of meat and caramelized onions. I know this because every time I post something in that range, he’s the first one to like and comment.

Awards are an important part of the blogging culture, they’re a way of expressing your appreciation toward a fellow blogger’s content and saying “congrats”. Giving them out as well as receiving them and passing them along to other deserving bloggers is an important part of this. Every person who blogs personally seeks on some level the gratification of knowing that other people are reading and appreciating what they’re writing about. I’ve only been blogging for a few months and I was scared to start in the first place thinking no one would ever find anything I have to say interesting. But the feedback I’ve gotten has been really encouraging, and the experience has been super exciting, kind of like when you undertake a new project of your own and it doesn’t matter if it’s time-consuming because you’re just having so much fun. The best part has been the interactive learning : I’m not just blogging and sharing my own recipes but also meeting other crazy food-obsessed people and discovering other blogs that come up with the most insane recipes and have things to say on just about anything from how to make chocolate cake to how to decide between two brands of olive oil!  It’s really quite humbling to come across other people with such fantastic cooking and photography skills. I also want to thank the people who have to undergo my cooking projects on a daily basis, especially my roommates who have held my hand through homemade sauerkraut fiascos, ate avocado-chocolate puddings and pineapple meatballs that tasted like dogfood and never say a word when I go bananas and start cooking an elaborated meal with three kinds of desert “for the blog”. On the uphand, they don’t only have to eat the failed stuff, I feed them cookies and brownies too.

The rules of the Liebster Blog Award are the following:

  1. List eleven random facts about me.
  2. Nominate eleven bloggers for the Liebster Blog Award (they have to have less than 300 followers, thanks for adding that precision Kitchen Faerie)
  3. Notify the bloggers.
  4. Ask eleven questions the bloggers must answer upon receiving the nomination.
  5. Answer the eleven questions you were asked when you were nominated.
  6. Link back to the person who nominated you.

Here goes:

11 facts about me:

1. I don’t know if this will come as much of a surprise to most people, or it might, depending on if you’ve read my About page, but I’m French. I was born in France, raised in the US (in New York) until the age of 10, then spent my adolescence and first college years in Paris. And I now live in São Paulo, Brazil.

2. I lived in Ecuador for a year working as an external relations coordinator for a local NGO a couple of years ago and have since then been completely fascinated with Latin American culture.

3. My 3 favorite people are spread out across the world and I don’t get to see them often, with my brother living in Canada, my parents in Singapore while I’m in South America. In spite of that, we are closer than ever and manage to be involved in each other’s lives fairly well.

4. I’m afraid of flying, which is somewhat ironic since I’m a big traveler and regularly have to take flights that are over 12 hours long to get from my end of the world to wherever my family members are.

5. I am graduating this year from a masters in International Business.

6. I am fascinated by Anthropology. I love to read travel journals from explorers or anthropologists and watch documentaries on human communities from remote places in the world.

7. The first thing I learned to cook by myself was Chef Boyardee’s Spaghetti Meatballs at the age of 8, standing on a stool to stir in the pot (we never had a microwave).

8. I speak French, English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently (still learning Portuguese but I get by pretty decently).

9. I am a neat freak. I can’t stand to see a stained kitchen counter, I try not to mess up the bed sheets even when I’m sleeping in them and I’ll wash the dishes as I use them when I cook. I also regularly scowl at my roommates for leaving out an empty glass or making crumbs.

10. I still confuse my right and my left. I’m right-handed, so I physically do a writing gesture with my right hand to remember where is right.

11. My dream is to one day open an ecotouristic, community-supported resort somewhere in South America.

11 questions asked to me by Urban Paleo Chef:

1. Of the astonishing number of technologies that we use every day, which one has the most impact on your life?

I’m laughing inside because I get teased by most of my friends from being so so extremely late on the whole new technologies thing. I don’t own an i-phone or an i-pad or a kindle. I use my phone for three things: calling, sending sms and to use as a flashlight in the dark. I don’t have a twitter or instagram account (I’ve just recently started using Pinterest and even that is overwhelming). I use a super-slow three year old Samsung e-book as a computer, and I wouldn’t know how to download the last episode of Californication if I had a gun pointed to my head. So of the two astonishing technologies that I use, without a doubt the one that has the most impact on my life is my sturdy, faithful and uncool computer.

2.What is your least favorite part of blogging? And how do you cope with it?

What I least like about blogging is trying to find a catchy marketing title when I post my recipes on facebook. I systematically freeze in front of my facebook page screen for about 10 minutes trying to find a way to “introduce” the recipe I’m about to post, and in the end I always feel like a dorky commercial trying to sell a food product. Plus it always comes down to the same thing: it’s delicious, it will leave you mouth-watering, and you should make this in the next 5 minutes. There aren’t that many words to talk about your recipes! I would pay someone to be in charge of that.

3. If you were transformed into an animal (a non-human animal…), right this instant, which animal is most representative of who you are now?

So I have to be honest, I had to ask my roommate about this one because I didn’t have the strictest idea. I’ve never been good at self-analyzing. The very detailed and complete answer I got from her was a cross between a beaver, a robin and a lioness (sounds attractive right?), because I am resourceful and ingenious like the beaver to build things from scratch, I have the ability to find and gather things from the outside like the robin, but I also like to provide for and take care of others like a lioness would for her cubs. Her words, not mine, though I can’t say I don’t agree with the portrait she drew (it turned into a thirty minute conversation about what animals represent us the best), I am amazed sometimes by how she completely understands me.

4. If there was one activity that you could spend a day doing, regardless of cost, location, etc. what activity would you do first?

This question is pretty hard because I realize that there aren’t many things that I would actually enjoy doing for an entire day. I’m pretty volatile, I like to do a million different things and I get bored or feel unproductive if I’m doing just one thing. Even cooking I think I’d just feel bad and sick of it at the end of the day if all I did was cook. So I thought of an activity that’s kind of out of my ordinary world, that I have never done but dream of experiencing: spending a day working on a farm, learning to milk goats, make homemade cheese, harvesting food and picking peaches from an orchard, those kinds of daily farm activities (ideally this sounds like it would take place in the 1920s, just bear with me). Would LOVE to do that.

5. If money was no object, is there a restaurant, anywhere in the world, which you would travel to and eat at? And what would you eat?

I would go to The Rock in Zanzibar, a restaurant built on a rock in the middle of the turquoise-blue sea alongside the coast of Tanzania near the magical and dream-like island of Zanzibar. It’s not particularly fancy but it sounds like the ideal place to disconnect from the world, enjoy the wonderful exotic setting and eat some delicious and super fresh seafood right in the middle of the Indian Ocean. My definition of paradise.

6. What is the most fun you have ever had with food in your life? And school-yard food fights DEFINITELY count!

Oh my, I would have to say our weekly homemade Pancakes-for-dinner nights every Thursday with my brother and dad when I was a child.

7. Have you ever gone running outside with socks but no shoes on? Why? What season was it?

Actually no. And since I can’t stand to be barefoot inside the house, I don’t think I would enjoy it outside either. Though I’ve heard that it’s liberating and even life-changing to run without shoes for everyone who’s tried it, I can’t really grasp why though, I’d be curious to see how I’d feel.

8. Is there an article of clothing which you have purchased in the past but you will never purchase again in the future? What is it, and why will you never buy another? And Halloween costumes don’t count. Unless you were buying clothing to assemble the costume yourself; not using a pre-assembled costume package.

I used to walk with 10-cm high heeled boots and shoes everywhere In Paris and could do it without discomfort for an entire day. I’ve completely lost that ability and generally hate walking in heels now. It was really bad for my knees and foot soles anyways. I don’t think I’ll ever buy shoes like that for everyday wear again, only for special occasions.

9. What was your favorite childhood game? Do you still play it? Why, or why not?

My favorite childhood game was, surprise surprise, to play restaurant. My brother and I would build tents in our bedroom, put pillows on the floor as chairs, make up a menu that served things like “lobster-truffle ravioli” and “strawberry-kiwi cheesecake” (I know, what snooty kids we were) and invite all our stuffed animals over for a feast. Said feast was drawn with markers and crayons on pieces of papers which our stuffed animals found exquisite since we made them make yummy noises, and yes, we also expected our parents to indulge.

10. What did you want to be when you grew up? Have you become that? Why, or why not?

It’s funny, I was just joking about that a few days ago when I posted this e-card on facebook about wanting to become a princess when I grow up. And to answer your question, sadly no I have not become that. Why not, you ask? I thought the corporate skirts were funner to wear than the princess dresses. Plus I don’t like pink, so that would have caused some major career alignment issues.

11. If you had no limitations, is there a food that you would like to cook with, but cannot currently? What food is it, and why can’t you cook with it? Yes, cost can be the reason.

By far, toughest question! I live in a country where everything I was used to eating in France is either expensive or simply not available. I think two things I really miss having easy access to and cooking with is salmon (canned, smoked, fresh, whatever, it costs a fortune in Brazil!) and berries (can’t find them here except for strawberries).

11 bloggers I nominate for a Liebster Award:

1. Nourished Peach

2. Not.So.Urban

3. The Kitchen Faerie

4. Nourish by Ashlyn

5. The Primal Belly

6. Sweet Potatoes and Social Change

7. The Go Lightly Gourmet

8. Curious Cavemanda

9. Summer Raspberries

10. Ms. Primarily Paleo

11. Confessions of a Wannabe Cavegirl

11 questions to the above bloggers:

1. What is one of your favorite homemade recipe from your childhood, and do you make it yourself today?

2. What is one of your best travelling memories?

3. Have you ever taken a very spontaneous and impulsive decision, and looking back today would you do it all over again given the chance?

4. If an investor came over to you with a large amount of seed-capital and told you that you could start whichever kind of company you wanted, what would your company be?

5. What was (were) your New Year’s resolution(s) for 2013 and did you keep any of them?

6. When travelling or on vacation, are you more the type of person who likes to relax and do nothing or the type who likes to do a billion things every day and visit many places?

7. If you could go back to school to learn anything today, what would you choose to study? You can pick any type of subject or training.

8. What is your favorite moment in your typical weekday?

9. If you could spend a day in the life of a current celebrity (any kind of celebrity, doesn’t have to be a Kardashian), who would it be, why, and what would you do?

10. Same question that I was asked, what is your least favorite part about blogging?

11. What are your rituals to get rid of stress and relax?

6 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. 11. My dream is to one day open an ecotouristic, community-supported resort somewhere in South America.
    Awesome!! You’d better get on that! There are some really cool ones already starting to pop up; and it’s definitely better to be on the front of a wave than behind it!

    I’m laughing inside because I get teased by most of my friends from being so so extremely late on the whole new technologies thing.
    Me too!! I didn’t start my Facebook account until 5 days before posting my first Blog post! And Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and all those others actually followed it… I was intentionally ignoring those social-media technologies for the longest time (despite that I rode the front of the smart-phone wave) until Blogging forced me into the market…

    is trying to find a catchy marketing title
    Ugh! I know!!

    The Rock sounds like an amazing restaurant! As soon as I’m done commenting here, I’m googling it!

    Yeah, when I was growing up we did home-made pizzas, including making the crust. It was great! We’d pull out all sorts of potential toppings, and every week would turn out different. I loved it! Family-involved meals are the best!

    Running barefoot: You’ll get it when you try it. Trust me! And if the thought of your bare feet touching the street is too much, look in to getting some Vibram Fivefingers.

    Wow, I don’t know what I’d do without Salmon!!

    Great responses! Thanks!!

    • Hahaha! Thanks for the comments. I also thought about saying making pizza as a fun childhood memory but it wasn’t much of a tradition in our home. But I think the most fun we have as kids with food is when we get involved in making it, choosing the toppings and all. Kids are a lot less involved with cooking today, parents should really incorporate that in education because your relationship with food is defined by the way you eat as a kid at home.

      • I completely agree! Many of my fondest childhood memories are centered around making/participating in the food of the household. By comparison, I see so many people my age/generation who have no idea what food really is. They eat restaurant or boxed food for every meal; and the fact that I cook every one of my meals (including breakfast – no cereal, and lunch) is literally incomprehensible. It’s upsetting to me as someone who really enjoys the entire process of food; and to see that the industry is changing, not for the better, as a result of decisions made by people who just don’t understand.

        So… Yes. More involved cooking for children! And on a broader scale: more involved parenting for children!!!

  2. Not having heard of the Liebster award until you so kindly introduced me, I started doing some research and noticed I should choose 11 blogs specifically with <300 followers. This may be a silly questions, but do you have any brilliant tips on figuring out how many followers a blog has?? I don't want to offend anyone if they are superpopular. 🙂

    • Thanks for underlining that point! I saw the number of followers for each blog by going in my Reader, clicking on “blogs I follow” on the right hand side of the screen and clicking on the names of the blogs I wanted to nominate. There, you’re taken to their wordpress profile page and under their name at the top of the screen you have the number of followers. Let me know if that works for you!

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